“Wholesome” isn’t a word our society uses much these days, but it’s something we intuitively crave. Grandma’s fried chicken, family sitting around the dinner table, a simple blessing said before the meal. Rocking a baby to sleep at night after reading his favorite book for the eighth time. These are the simple things that build the backbone of our lives, our families, and yes, even our society.

Here on BigSisterKnows.com, I share my thoughts and research about these simple but profound topics of faith, family, books, and food. And now that my book, Modern Cast Iron, has debuted, I’ll be sharing a lot about cast-iron cooking.

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A useful primer

The recipes within are simple, but since one of the main obstacles for home cooks is how to adapt their recipes for cast-iron cookware, this is where Modern Cast Iron proves its worth. A useful primer for a cook just starting out with cast iron.

Fantastic advice

This book gives some fantastic advice on how to use, select and care for cast iron I have ever run across. I own cast iron pans and have used them for years and I still learned a ton of things that I never knew. This makes owning, taking care of and properly using these pans a breeze. I highly recommend it! Fantastic book!

Richelle Rodarte, Goodreads Review

A boon to home cooks

Jones, the Big Sister Knows blogger, shares the joys of cast-iron cooking in this solid debut.... This easy-to-digest reference will be a boon to home cooks new to cast iron cooking.