Use Devotionals to Grow Closer to the Lord

We’re now into the second month of this new decade, and while we might be a little less resolved about those New Year’s resolutions, I think it’s safe to say that we all want to do better this year. We want to make this year count. Personally, I want to be more disciplined, more purpose-driven, and more appreciative. While you may have different goals, we should all strive to grow in our spiritual lives.

One tool we can use to draw closer to the Lord is a devotional. It’s a great way to help you jump-start your morning or settle into your evening routine. Here are some types of devotionals you may not have considered.

Keys for Kids

Keys for Kids provides free daily devotionals. Their unique, fictionalized format makes them more fun and easier for kids to understand and relate to. You can get a free daily devotional emailed to you, or you can download the free app for your phone. The app also gives you an audio version of the devotional, which is pretty neat.

I read this devotional to my son every morning while he drinks his bottle. He’s too young to understand all of it, but I’m still speaking the Word over him, and that is always fruitful. And since the Word is alive, I benefit from the lesson as well. That makes it a win-win!

While you’re on their website, be sure to check out the other really cool resources Keys for Kids offers, including their printed materials, parent and teen devotionals, and 24/7 radio program. If you’re looking for a great ministry to sponsor, check out their special “Storyteller” solar-powered MP3 players. These provide nearly 30 hours of devotional stories plus a Bible in audio form—in a language the child understands! How cool is that?

Arise Daily

Looking for a free daily devotional written by a woman who’s passionate for reaching others for Christ? Check out the Arise Daily devotions. I was honored to have my article, “Embrace the Crawl,” featured earlier this year. (Read it here.)

The authors for these daily devotionals are women who are members of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (or are protege members like I am). AWSA also publishes an award-winning magazine, Leading Hearts. It’s awesome, it’s encouraging, and it’s free! My good friends Michelle Medlock Adams and Bethany Jett graced the cover of the December issue—so cool!

They Call Me Mom

Speaking of Michelle and Bethany, check out their new weekly devotional book, They Call Me Mom. As a new mom, I totally appreciate this just-for-moms devotional, full of equal parts humor and encouragement. This does come in an eBook format, but get the hardcover if you like to dog-ear the pages, highlight those takeaways, and plan to come back to it next year. (You’ll still be Mom, so it’ll still be relevant!)

Patriot Journalist

Not into reading? Or maybe you’re looking for something more engaging? Check out the interviews Mark Pracek conducts on his site,, every Monday through Thursday. No, this isn’t a devotional per se, but Mark does a great job of selecting godly folks to interview and then steers the conversation toward God and our walk with Him. Regular attendees include authors Michelle Medlock Adams and Del Duduit. I’ve also been honored to join the show a few times. (Watch my interviews on my Youtube channel.) You can watch Mark’s interviews live or view past interviews on his website and Facebook page.

These are just a few options to help you devote some time to the Lord every day—but don’t stop there. Let the words of encouragement or conviction that you read or hear lead you to deeper study and meditation so you can draw closer to the Lord this year.

“Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against You” (Psalm 119:11 NAS).

What style of devotional do you prefer? If you have any tips, please let me know!

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Reading devotionals and Scriptures is just one way to help your little one develop faith in God. Click to download my free eBook, Big God, Little You, for 10 ways to strengthen your child’s faith—no matter how young he is!

Author: Ashley L Jones

My heart's desire is to show people of all ages how the Bible applies to their lives. I use my Masters in Biblical Studies to dig into the Word, and I share what I've learned on my blog ( Check out the About section of my blog for more details. Thanks for stopping by!

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