How to Clean & Season Your Cast-Iron Skillet

When it comes to cast iron, the biggest question I hear is, “How do I care for my cast-iron pan on a daily basis?” This was certainly the first question I had when I started using cast iron. After pouring through tons of articles, I found that much of the information online pertains to restoring old rusted pans—which is why the recommended processes are so involved! Other tutorials are from chefs who don’t mind using large amounts of oil and salt to scrub their pans clean. I, on the other hand, don’t have an unlimited amount of oil to use and discard, so that doesn’t work for me.

I kept on reading about cast iron and learned more about the science behind the cookware and how seasoning is created (and destroyed). And then I made up my own two-step process to quickly wash and season my pans after I use them. After all, if the process is too involved or expensive, I’m not going to do it on a daily basis—and I figure you probably feel the same way.

In my book Modern Cast Iron, I go into great detail about the best practices of cleaning and seasoning cast iron, but to give you the “Cliff’s Notes” version, I recorded this short video showing you how I care for my pans on a daily basis. Take a look:

As you can see, it only takes a couple minutes to wash, dry, and season a skillet. It’s no more difficult than washing any other pan, and it doesn’t require any special tools or ingredients that you don’t already have on hand. If you’ve been afraid to use your cast-iron skillet, I hope this encourages you to get it out and start using it today!

Got questions about cast-iron cooking? Leave a comment here or send me a message, and I’ll be glad to respond. If you’d like monthly tips and tricks about using and caring for cast iron, be sure to sign up for my newsletter:

Modern Cast Iron releases August 18, 2020, but you can preorder your copy now.

(PS: If you’re looking to restore an old rusted pan, check out this video showing how I do that with scouring pads, a vinegar bath, lots of elbow grease, and the occasional drill. Or you can buy a new one. No judgment here!)

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