Cairo’s Christmas Journey: An Interview with a Cricket

It’s not every day that I get to interview a fictional character, so this is a real treat! Fellow author Janet L. Christensen has recently released a Christian children’s picture book entitled Cairo’s Christmas Journey, which features a plucky little cricket. And today I have Janet and Cairo on BigSisterKnows to share more about their book and Cairo’s special trip to Bethlehem.

Ashley: Janet and Cairo, it’s so good to have you here on BigSisterKnows!

Janet: Ashley, thanks so much for letting us join you today to talk about our book, Cairo’s Christmas Journey. Let me introduce you to my friend and the main character of the book, Cairo the Cricket.

Cairo: Greetings!

Ashley: Cairo, I am sure everyone is excited to hear about this “journey” of yours. Tell us a bit about it.

Cairo:  It was quite a night. I didn’t think I would ever make it. You see, I play lullabies to help the shepherds put their sheep to sleep for the night. I was playing my songs, and the sheep were almost sound asleep when the most amazing flash of light appeared, and along with it, a bunch of angels.

Ashley: Oh, my! That sounds incredible.

Cairo: It was. And when one of the angels asked me to go to Bethlehem to play a song for the newborn king, I just couldn’t believe it.  You see, Bethlehem was far away from our pasture. I knew I couldn’t make the journey on my own.

Ashley: So, what did you do?

Cairo: The angel told me that God would help me get there. So, I just started hopping. But it was an even harder journey than I thought it would be.

Ashley: Is that right?

Cairo: I didn’t think I would ever make it. I found myself in so many sticky situations. But do you know what? The angel was right.

Ashley: How’s that?

Cairo: The angel told me that God would send me the help I needed, and that is just what God did. And do you know what?

Ashley: What?

Cairo: I made it all the way to Bethlehem that night.

Ashley: So you got to play your song for baby Jesus after all?

Cairo: I did. Before long he was fast asleep.

Ashley: That’s incredible!

Cairo: I will never forget that night. I learned a very important lesson.

Ashley: And what was that?

Cairo: That God is there to help us on our toughest journeys. I have remembered that ever since that night.

Ashley: That is indeed an important lesson. Thank you, Cairo, for sharing your story with us! Janet, your book is now available, right?

Janet: That’s correct. Cairo’s Christmas Journey is now available at major booksellers. You can also check out the latest on Facebook at or at


About the Author

Janet L Christensen is an award-winning writer, speaker and encourager that loves to captivate audiences with inspiring stories. She is a pastor’s wife, a children’s and women’s ministry leader and the proud mother of two teenage sons and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Sully.


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