I’m so excited to announce that I just signed a contract for the companion book to Modern Cast Iron! The working title is Skilletheads: The Art of Collecting and Restoring Cast-Iron Cookware. This book will pick up where Modern Cast Iron left off, providing all the information you need to restore and collect cast iron like a pro. And if that’s too much, you can reach out to the Skilletheads listed in the book to have them restore your cast iron for you or to purchase a professionally-restored piece. Skilletheads will include details on all the major cast-iron manufacturers in the US and tons of recipes to keep your pans busy.

Check out this video to learn more about Skilletheads:

Look for Skilletheads in late 2022 (by Red Lightning Books). In the meantime, stay tuned here, follow me on Instagram and sign up for my monthly newsletter below because I’ll be sharing all kinds of tips about collecting and restoring cast-iron cookware.


Author: Ashley L Jones

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