Skillethead Interview with Stargazer Cast Iron

Although Stargazer Cast Iron has been around since 2015, you’ve probably never seen one of their beautiful pans in person. That’s because Stargazer sells directly to consumers through their website, cutting out the “middle man” of retail companies. This allows Stargazer to charge less than some competitive manufacturers.

In the following interview with Peter Huntley, founder of Stargazer Cast Iron, we discuss:

~ The origin and meaning of the Stargazer name
~ Peter’s background and how he came to start a cast-iron manufacturing company
~ The unique features of Stargazer Cast Iron, from the long, tapered handle to the flared rim
~ How Stargazer determined the optimal weight of cast iron and why it’s important to you
~ Their unique, direct-to-consumer model
~ The really cool machine sitting on Peter’s desk
~ What’s in store for Stargazer

Check out the interview below and be sure to subscribe to the Modern Cast Iron YouTube Playlist so you’ll have access to all the interviews I’ll be sharing over the next year. And if you’re looking for an awesome Christmas gift that’s made right here in America, check out the unique pans at

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