Skillethead Interview with Borough Furnace

This week, I’m excited to share with you my interview with Liz Seru, co-founder of Borough Furnace, a cast-iron cookware manufacturing company.

While some foundries stick with tradition, Borough Furnace has embraced change, resulting in a sleek line of cast iron you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are a few neat facts about Borough Furnace:

— Co-founder Liz Seru is one of only a handful of women to run a cast-iron manufacturing company in the U.S.
— Borough Furnace’s initial manufacturing process was designed to be “no-waste.” They even utilized used cooking oil in their furnace!
— Borough Furnace is home to the only enameled cast-iron cookware product manufactured in the U.S.

What’s covered in the following video (with time stamp):

— How Liz Seru and husband John Truex came to start a cast-iron manufacturing company (2min)
— Their unique approach to their manufacturing process (4min)
— Why they make all their cookware personally (with only one other employee!) (8:30min)
— How they came to be the only manufacturer in the US to make their own enameled Dutch oven (11min)
— A peek at Borough Furnace’s unique skillet design (13:30min)
— Stats on weight and price for skillets and the Dutch oven (18min and 20:30min)
— A look at their famous enameled Dutch oven (19min)
— What’s next for Borough Furnace (27min)

Check out Borough Furnace’s full line of seasoned cast-iron cookware, along with their enameled Dutch oven, at

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