Skillethead Interview with FINEX

FINEX is one of the most well-known modern brands of cast-iron cookware. With its stunning octagonal shape and spring-coiled handle, it’s also the most recognizable.

In the following interview, I speak with Michael Griffin, Brand Director for FINEX. Check out this video to learn:

  • – The history of FINEX.
    – Why FINEX pans have an octagonal shape (Min 4).
    – Why FINEX has a unique stainless steel coil handle and how it’s made (Min 11).
    – How FINEX came to be acquired by Lodge Cast Iron and Lodge’s current role in the production process (Min 13:30).
    – Why FINEX machines smooth the cooking surface but leaves the inside rim “pebble smooth.”
    – Stats: the weight and price of FINEX vs. other brands (Min 25)
    – The meaning of the name “FINEX” (Min 27).
    – Where to find FINEX cast iron (Min 29).

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