Skillethead Interview with American Skillet Company

Last November, I had the immense pleasure of speaking with Alisa Toninato, founder of American Skillet Company (ASC), a cast-iron cookware manufacturing company. You’ll notice that Alisa and I totally “geeked out” on cast iron in this interview, which is why it’s a full hour long! Alisa’s passion for artwork and cast-iron cookware is contagious, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate her insight and experience into this unique product.

Here are some fun facts about American Skillet Company:

— Alisa Toninato founded ASC with her partner Andrew McManigal in 2012. Alisa is one of a handful of women to start a cast-iron manufacturing company in the U.S.
— Alisa is a metal artist at heart. Her map of the U.S., created with interlocking cast-iron skillets in the shape of each State, earned her a spot on the Martha Stewart Show as well as a prestigious award.
— Not only are ASC’s skillets made in America, but their unique State and U.S.A. designs are patriotic works of art.
— ASC produces 7 State-shaped skillets and one in the shape of the U.S.A. You can vote to have additional states added to the line-up.
— ASC’s skillets are NOT just artwork; they are fully-functional skillets.

What’s covered in the video (with time stamp):

— Why Alisa got into cast-iron cookware manufacturing (Min 2)
— How the first State skillet came about (Min 4)
— What they had to consider and work through to turn the art skillets into functional pans (Min 18)
— Best times and uses for the state skillet, aka “the party pan” (Min 26)
— ASC’s unique magnet system to hang their skillets on the wall (Min 28)
— A close-up of one of the State skillets (Min 31)
— The seasoning blend they use, why they use it, and how they tested it (Min 32:45)
— The cost and weight of the American skillet (Min 38:15)
— Fun discussion on how the development of future State pans will be handled (Min 39)
— Where and how to vote for future state pans (Min 43)
— An overview of the core casting method ASC uses to create a smooth surface finish without machining (Min 46:24)

Check out American Skillet Company’s full line of cast-iron cookware at

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