Skillethead Interview with Field Company

If you’re looking for a modern cast-iron pan that has the traditional look and feel of your favorite vintage ware, then check out Field Company.

Last November, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephen Muscarella, who founded Field Company with his brothers in 2015. From the very beginning, the brothers knew they wanted to make cast iron in a traditional, vintage style. “Cast-iron cookware has gone through two to three centuries of its current iterations to arrive at its current form. And I don’t think you can argue with that too, too much. And our thinking was to not mess up what was already so amazing and to only tweak what we thought could use improvement.”

Here are some fun facts about Field Company cast iron:

— Field Company pans are one of the lightest on the market with their 10 1/4″ skillet coming in at 4.5 lb.
— They use the traditional numbering convention with Numbers 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. You’ll need to check the size of each pan to determine how big is it.
— Instead of adding pour spouts, the Muscarella brothers created a slightly-tapered rim to facilitate pouring.
— Field Company cast iron is manufactured in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Here’s what’s covered in the video below (with time stamp):

— Why they named the company Field Company (1:10)
— Family history of cast iron (2:25)
— Why they started a cast-iron manufacturing company (3:45)
— Why Field Company is so similar to the vintage look and field (6:30)
— What they did change in their design vs. vintage and why (9:00)
— Close-up look at a Field Company skillet (10:28)
— Price and weight comparison of Field Co vs other modern companies (12:42)
— Why Field Company uses green sand casting (13:40)
— Where their products are manufactured (17:23)
— When they started Field Company, they ended up going to Poland to work with a professor who taught them how to hand-pour skillets (19:48). (How cool is that?!)
— How long it takes to produce a single pan (22:00)
— What’s next for Field Company (24:58)

Check out Field Company’s full line of cast-iron cookware at

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