Want to Write?

Every once in awhile, I receive an email from an aspiring author wanting to know where to get started or how to get their manuscript published. Here’s my best advice.
1. Join a Critique Group
Critique groups are necessary to help you flesh out your manuscript, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. Face-to-face groups are great, but I’ve been a member of an online group through Word Weavers International since 2005, and I love it!
Word Weavers International is a large Christian writing group throughout the US (with international members now, too). Visit them online to see if there’s a local chapter in your area or if you can join an online chapter.
2. Attend a Conference
Whether you have a complete manuscript or you’re completely lost, you need to go to a conference. You’ll learn what you need to know in the classes, you’ll make connections with other authors, and you’ll have the opportunity to pitch to agents and editors.
Word Weavers International hosts a couple conferences, including the Florida Christian Writers Conference, which is where I got started.
3. Do Your Research
I know the folks who run Serious Writer.com, so I highly recommend them for up-to-date info on the industry as well as online courses. If you really want to be a writer, then treat it as your business and learn what you can about the craft and industry.
The rest is up to you. Now, get writing! 🙂