Cast Iron

My books Modern Cast Iron and Skilletheads aren’t just cookbooks; they’re guidebooks to all things cast iron! I’ve been researching cast-iron cookware for years, so I have a ton of info and tips to share with you, from selecting the best pieces for your kitchen (whether vintage or modern), to cleaning, seasoning, and restoring your pan, and of course, lots of recipes!


I asked for it…your burning questions about how to use and care for cast-iron cookware. Here’s a short video where I answer your Top Ten Questions about Cast-Iron Cooking:

Caring for Your Pan

“How do I care for my pan on a daily basis?” Here’s a quick video on How to Clean & Season Your Cast-Iron Skillet—no special skills or equipment needed!

Restoring a Rusted Pan

One of the biggest questions I get is, “How do I restore a rusted cast-iron pan?” If there’s just a little rust, you can remove it with a steel wool scrubby and some dish detergent and water. If you need more help, soak the pan in bath of white vinegar and water (1-to-1 ratio) for 30 minutes. Try to scrub off the remaining rust. Soak again for another 30 minutes if needed, but be careful: vinegar can damage the pan over time.

If your pan needs more help, check out the detailed instructions in Skilletheads for other methods, such as using Easy Off! oven cleaner, a lye bath, or an electrolysis tank. The book also lists professionals who can restore your pan for a fee!

Here’s a video I made to show how to use steel wool and a vinegar bath. When that didn’t work, I resorted to a power tool. Professionals do NOT recommend this method because it can leave marks on the pan that lower its value, but my friend simply wanted the rust gone and was happy with the results.


I share recipes here on my blog from time to time, so check that out. However, I did film a short video on Making Blueberry Cobbler, which is one of my favorite recipes. This version is also dairy and gluten free.

My Modern Cast Iron playlist on YouTube also includes many of the interviews I filmed as I was researching collecting and restoring cast iron for Skilletheads. Be sure to check those out.


I used a lot of resources when researching cast-iron cooking and cast-iron cookware. Check out my Cast Iron Research page for links to online articles, books, medical studies, blogs, etc.


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