Cast Iron in the Media

Check out these articles, videos, and audio clips of Ashley sharing the joy of cast-iron cooking and how we can use it to benefit our lives today.

Ashley provides her best tips in this Country Living article, “An Expert’s Advice on How to Clean and Care for Cast Iron.”

Watch Ashley prepare a beautiful Ratatouille dish and show how to perform a light seasoning on a cast-iron pan (in under 7 minutes!).

The Kitchen Counter Podcast talks with Ashley about the benefits of cooking with cast iron, what to look for when buying it, how to season your pan, and much more.

Ashley was interviewed as a “cast iron expert” for this Washington Post article, “The debate between cast-iron haters and loyalists is as enduring as the pan itself.”

You’re sure to enjoy this in-depth interview about the joy of cast-iron cooking with Dan Manley on Mornings on Main (WMST-AM). (Audio. August 25, 2020)

This short interview with Lisa Valentine and Richie Steadman of The Lisa Show is packed with tons of fun. As Richie said, “Once you go cast, you never go back!” (Audio. August 18, 2020)

Listen as Shelley Irwin of the WGVU Morning Show (WGVU-FM) interviews interviews Ashley about her book, Modern Cast Iron. (Audio. September 1, 2020)

Ashley joins the Matt and Taylor show to chat about Modern Cast Iron and the benefits of cast-iron cooking. (Audio. August 18, 2020)

Ashley talks with Sheree Hope of Bird & Fish Ministry on Wave94 FM about cast-iron cooking and the importance of gathering around the table as a family. Watch the discussion on YouTube or listen to the radio version. (August 2020)

During the Book Launch for Modern Cast Iron, Serena Moyle of Hearth & Soul filmed this Instagram Live with Ashley about the daily care of cast-iron cookware. Learn about cleaning and seasoning and watch a “rust eraser” in action. (Video. August 18, 2020)

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