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Students from the course “Navigating Your Spiritual Journey” at TCCTC, 2017.

Speaking/Teaching Topics

The following topics can be tailored to a specific group, age range, or theme, and can be combined or altered to fit your needs. Simply contact Ashley for details. (Click here to download a printable version of the topic list.)

Digging Deep

Do you wish you could get more out of your quiet time? Do you get confused with some of the words or themes? You’re not alone! In this one-hour workshop or three-session conference, Ashley gives you practical tips to increase your confidence in reading the Bible. Come ready to learn how to:

  • Dig deeper into Scripture without relying on others
  • Find guidance in God’s Word without feeling confused or overwhelmed
  • Pull Scriptures out for helpful reflection, application, and prayer
  • Effectively memorize Scripture even when you’re convinced you can’t

Girls in the Gap

Every day, girls of all ages leave home for college or new careers. These opportunities are fun and exciting, but they can put you in a vulnerable place. As you leave behind the security and accountability of your family, friends, and church, it creates a gap the Enemy will try to use to his advantage. But the good news is that God is with you, and He has a plan for you! Drawing from Scriptural insights and personal experience, Ashley shares practical ways to:

  • Find confidence and clarity in God’s Word
  • Increase your awareness of the Enemy’s schemes
  • Stay grounded, instead of scattered, in this season of life
  • Sense God’s peaceful presence instead of loneliness and insecurity
  • Live daily without regret

(This presentation is designed for girls ages 16-25.)

Get off that Merry-Go-Round!

Every day, people get stuck on spiritual merry-go-rounds, turning aimlessly in circles. Through Scriptural insights, Ashley inspires her listeners with the fact that God created each of us with a purpose and a mission. You can get off the merry-go-round as Ashley gives practical tips to help you:

  • Feel less scattered and aimless as you set a course for your spiritual journey
  • Learn how to make daily decisions that bring peace and spiritual growth
  • Gain confidence in approaching God through prayer
  • Successfully combat the lies and schemes of the Enemy
  • Eliminate the stumbling blocks that keep you from experiencing God’s peace and joy

God’s Not a Killjoy

The world tells us, “God is a rule-maker…and rules are made to be broken!” But the truth is that God delights in us, and He wants us to find true joy in Him. Through Scriptural insights and personal stories, Ashley gives you practical tips to:

  • Experience joy and peace as you see God in a new light
  • Make daily decisions that bring joy, not regret
  • Discover the treasures of joy: focus, courage, and strength
  • Recognize and defeat the tactics of the Enemy (the real killjoy)

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe…

Decisions, decisions. From dating to course work, to choosing a career path, there seems to be no end to the amount of decisions you have to make through high school and college. While most young people make the best decisions they can, their choices are often based on guesswork, emotions, and even peer pressure. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a guidebook to help you know how to make “the right” decisions so you didn’t have regret later on? You do! In this talk, Ashley shares her personal story and shows you how to use the Bible as your guidebook for life so that you can:

  • Develop a rock-solid faith in God (our Ultimate Guide) even amidst life’s pressures
  • Understand the bigger direction God has for your spiritual life
  • Recognize if an opportunity is from God or the Enemy
  • Develop confidence in making “the right” decisions on a daily basis

(This presentation is designed for high school and college groups.)

What Ashley’s Audience is Saying

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Currently booking for 2020-2021.

Previous Events


Mulligan Park retirement community – 2020 Vision – In this unique presentation, Ashley encouraged her audience to pursue the dreams God had laid on their hearts. She shared various ways that God speaks to us and uses us and reminded everyone in attendance, “God is not done with you yet!”


Tallahassee Christian CollegeBegin with Blogging – In this 5-week course, students learned how to design and implement their own blog sites from scratch using This class was well-received by all, and I look forward to teaching it again in the future.

Click below to hear Wave 94’s Kasey Gordon interview Ashley about this exciting class.


Tallahassee Christian College – Navigating Your Spiritual Journey – This was an in-depth, 5-week college-level course on the spiritual journey and how to progress from one step to the next to draw closer to the Lord. (What a great time of fellowship!)

Click below to hear Wave 94’s Doug Apple interview Ashley about this class.


Lifepoint Church Tallahassee – We had a wonderful time exploring the topic of the spiritual journey and how we can be intentional in our spiritual growth.


Tallahassee Christian College – This one-day seminar on Navigating Your Spiritual Journey was amazing! We had a wonderful (and packed!) class, and everyone walked away with a personal plan to grow closer to the Lord.

Eternal Grounds Coffee Shop – It was great to meet new folks at the coffee shop and to introduce them to BigSisterKnows. (Everybody needs a big sister, right?)

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